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"Mind in motion"
IKRtech Sàrl
Company for the development of innovative electromechanical solutions.

The name IKRtech is not a reference to the myth of Icarus, other than perhaps reflecting the dream of its founder to go deeper into the field of electromagnetism. I stands for the current, R for motor resistance and K for the motor constant, a 'magic' letter that transforms electrical energy into motion. Three letters that summarize a decade of work and exciting discoveries in this field.

Electric motors have become so common in our daily lives that we forget their complexity. Nevertheless, it is a world of subtleties and of compromises struck between mechanics, heat, electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, and lastly the specific needs of each application. Through his experience, the founder of IKRtech acquired a deep conviction that each application is unique and therefore needs a unique solution.

Responsiveness is the second leitmotif of IKRtech, and so it is natural that the Science Park of Sainte-Croix was chosen as the launch base. The proximity of many sub-contractors, the presence of the mechanical workshop of the CPNV, the Swiss Welding Institute and of HEIG make the Science Park an ideal setting for a new business. IKRtech will modestly contribute to giving your projects impetus!

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IKRtech Sàrl
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